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Digital refrigerant gauges - Brand new refrigerator.

Digital Refrigerant Gauges

digital refrigerant gauges

  • any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • causing cooling or freezing; "a refrigerant substance such as ice or solid carbon dioxide"

  • (refrigeration) the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • Causing cooling or refrigeration

  • Relating to or using signals or information represented by discrete values (digits) of a physical quantity, such as voltage or magnetic polarization, to represent arithmetic numbers or approximations to numbers from a continuum or logical expressions and variables

  • (of a clock or watch) Showing the time by means of displayed digits rather than hands or a pointer

  • of a circuit or device that represents magnitudes in digits; "digital computer"

  • relating to or performed with the fingers; "digital examination"

  • Involving or relating to the use of computer technology

  • displaying numbers rather than scale positions; "digital clock"; "digital readout"

  • A means of estimating something; a criterion or test

  • (gauge) a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.

  • (gauge) estimate: judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"

  • A tool for checking whether something conforms to a desired dimension

  • (gauge) accepted or approved instance or example of a quantity or quality against which others are judged or measured or compared

  • An instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information

i hate digital [analog remix]

i hate digital [analog remix]

remix hand written using analogue technology.

scanned, edited, uploaded and shared worldwide using digital technology. how else?

i hate digital.

i felt compelled.

finally, i had to do it.

the more i think about this statement, the more i needed to vent [a little].

where does this nonsensical, feeble minded idiocy come from?

if this statement is made with tongue firmly in cheek, i'll gladly turn the other way.

if this statement is made with any seriousness whatsoever it is simpleminded artistc racism, and should be treated with the same rancour and disdain offered to its more caustic, divisive and troublesome cousin.

repeat - i hate digital.

let us deconstruct.

i have to begin with the base and hilarious irony this statement affords us. after all, this is a group that lives on a digitally based image sharing platform. a group whose analog photographs must be digitised before uploading to aforementioned digital platform. priceless!

the statment also succeeds in the area that most 'i hate' statements succeed. it is immediately limiting in an artistic sense [we can discuss the fact that aesthetic limitation can sometimes lead to creative freedom in another comms thread].

it's akin to asking a writer to write a novel, then telling the writer that only 27 words from the dictionary may be used. or telling a pianist they can only use the black keys, and then only twelve of them.

why not form a flickr group and name it 'i love film'?

there are those analogue purists [sic] who argue that digital cameras, their affordability and sheer numbers, have let loose a huge plague of 'bad' photographs. a vast increase of noise to signal. what matters this? i think you should have the confidence that your work will be part of the signal, not part of the noise.

it seems to me that the digital revolution has offered a kind of democratisation that has only been equalled by such photographic innovations as the wonderful kodak 'brownie'.

it is ever thus that priests and prelates fear the ability to communicate be offered to the 'masses'.

goodness, it may affect the way we say what art is?

well. what is art?

i have no care either way.

as previously mentioned, you should have confidence in your work.

proliferation is not necessarily counter productive. it is more often productive.

though reactionary behaviour can often be suggestive.

like the catholic church raging and fighting against the translation of the bible from latin.

digital. analogue. telescope. microscope. science. thought.

whenever i see these types of behaviour, i think of dictatorships. of brown shirts. of burning books.

of ovens.

my tongue is partially in my cheek, though sometimes sticking out :p

GR Digital with GT-1 Tele Conversion Lens

GR Digital with GT-1 Tele Conversion Lens

Though I had to work on the release date, I managed to get one on my way back home yesterday...
It works with GR Digital with the latest firmware!

Uh... just come to think of... Where is GR Digital II in this photo?

digital refrigerant gauges

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